Making Bike Spoke TOK Wrenches

So recently there has been a new post over on the sub about using bike spokes as tension tools for the top of the keyway. Below you can find the raw PDF file provided by skullplate.



DIY TOK Tools From Bike Spokes
This tutorial will walk you through salvaging spokes from bike wheels and making top of the keyway tension tools.


➢ Get your self some old bike wheels. Remove the tire, tube, and rim liner. Use screwdrivers or anything you may have handy to pry the tire off as shown.

➢ The spoke nuts will be clearly visible. Use plies to loosen them first and then unscrew from the top or by hand. Remove the spokes as you go. The first few will be tight but as the hub is loosened they will come off easier.

➢ The wheel with the hub sprocket can be difficult to work around. I chose to cut away the spokes using a Dremel and cut off wheel. You should now have a pretty good sized pile of raw material for tool making. These spokes were from a mountain bike and came in at .078” thick, which should work just fine.

➢ Clamp up your spokes in a vise or use some locking pliers to hold it. I used a spoke nut to protect the threaded end in the photo but it is not absolutely necessary. Bend your spoke over by hand or use a hammer to make the bend tighter and more flat. Be careful not bend the spoke in the threaded section as they will break easily there.

Use a file on the sides of the bent end to begin to get it thin enough to fit your keyway. Once it fits, make sure the tool does not touch the first key pin. If it does file or cut off excess material.

Here's a finished TOK tool.

Here it is in use.

Download PDF