Network Security: An Entry Level Tool

So the intentions for this site are simple, make a kickass repository of information. The Ninja Cache team have decided it is high time to start some NetSec type things over here. We will start sprinkling in some of our own "hacker" concoctions intermittently with all of the lock stuff.

Here is a small suite of tools, written in Python, to help the greens in their endevours with network security. In the package there is a; network scanner which provides the MAC and IP of devices connected to your network, port scanner which allows you to see what ports are open on a give IP but also works on remote addresses, MAC vendor lookup to see what kind of device is currently on your network. Sure I could have made a tool that clones the "nmap -sn 192.168.X.X/24" command, but that is no fun. I really enjoyed creating the suite and hope you like it. I am currently using Linux Mint (not the backdoored version...) so I can tell you that to get the code you just need to run the "sudo git clone" command to get the repository. On Windows and Mac, I have no clue how to set it up but Google is your friend.

Have fun!