Lockpicking And The Law

Article by - Fawkes

          So around Reddit, an area I frequent the most, questions on the legality of picks is very common. So I have put together a list of areas where picks are either illegal, questionable, or you should look into other laws surrounding them.



          The following states have a ban on picks, and other related lockpicking/bypassing tools. I am not a lawyer so I can't say that you could probably get away with keeping your picks in your house and don't bring any attention to the fact you do it. But without firther ado, I present to you, the states in which possesion of picks is illegal.

          - Tennessee

In Tennesse, lockpicks are illegal to own as an unlicensed locksmith. This is do to the fact that there are laws in place that are aimed at scam artist locksmiths.



          These states don't neccesarily have an outlaw on picking tools, but they can most definitely be used as evidence in a criminal case against you. 

          - Nevada

          - Ohio

          - Virginia 

          - Mississippi

In all of these states, you will need to prove you are not a criminal if found in possession of picks. Not terribly hard to do I don't think, but can be easily be avoided by keeping your nose clean and not talking about or displaying your picks.


No Specific Laws

          In this category most picks are legal, but other tools are not. So read on...

          - Illinois

Bump keys are considered criminal. Lockpicks, if not used in a manner that is nefarious, are alright.          

           - Kansas

No law against picks, but if you are in possession of them and arrested you are subject to fingerprinting.

          - North Carolina

Picks are legal, but locksmithing services and the smiths themselves are regulated.


          I figured by just putting down the areas like I did, it would make it easier to find where you can't have picks. Now any state I did not mention, you probably have guessed, are perfectly legal. You can look here for more information provided by The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (TOOOL).