Reddit Lockpicking Contest: 002 - Abus 64TI/50

Status Updates
02-03-2016: Lock Ordered!
02-13-2016: Locks received!!
02-15-2016: All locks tested and packaged 02-18-2016: 90% of packages are ready - shipping tomorrow!

Rules and Info
- 100 Contestant Limit*
- All locks will be ordered once registration is closed and all payments received.
- Your submission video is due 7 days from the USPS delivery date of your lock.
- You must show the key and its operation in the lock.
- No bypasses
- No bump keys
- No pick guns (manual or automatic)
- No raking is allowed whatsoever in the SPP contest
- No rake to set, SPP to finish

- Video must be unedited, not spliced. This means the submitted video must have the key being shown, the lock being operated by the key, and the picking all taking place in one continuous shot. This also ensures a clean beginning to end SPP/Rake.

- Timing starts when your pick enters the plug
- A digital timer\stopwatch in screen to ensure video has not been sped up - this has no affect on the official time, just used as a point of reference
- While it is not required, please show us the tools you're using.

Contests and Prizes:
   1.  SPP
   2.  Rake
  2.5.  Out of Package Pick (OPP) - This is just for fun, and NOT required. The video will show opening the box, removing the lock and keys, operating the lock with the key, and then picking the lock - SPP or Raking doesn't matter, just pick that sucker!

Here are the donated prizes for the contest.
- Fastest SPP receives Ken's Pick Set (KPS-ENP-N) and their choice of one of the digital documents.
- Fastest SPP Second Place receives a .040" Petersons Pry Bar (PPB
- Fastest Rake receives a Breachers Mini Kit (US Govt kit) (BM5-PS) and their choice of one of the digital documents.
- Fastest Rake Second Place receives a  (PPB)
- Anyone that picks the lock OOP will receive a .040" Petersons Pry Bar and all three of the digital documents.
- Nobody can take first in both competitions. In the event one person has both the fastest rake AND fastest SPP, they will select their prize for whichever contest and the second place winner will be moved into first.
- If first place winners care to trade prizes, that can be arranged at the close of the contest.
- The winners of the first place prizes also have the opportunity to write a review of the tools that can make it onto the Peterson website.

Digital Documents:
1. High-Security Mechanical Locks, An Encyclopedic Reference

2. Master Locksmithing: An Expert's Guide to Master Keying, Intruder Alarms, Access Control Systems, and High-Security Locks

3. The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing, 6th Edition.

Entry Fee - $16.00 USD:
- This cost covers the lock, delivery to the contest host, and shipping fee. While some can be purchased from Amazon for a little cheaper, we provide our locks from a vendor that provides any number we request at a good price. A single lock from the vendor runs almost $20, shipping not included. But when ordered in numbers, that cost drops considerably. Once the locks are received, the cost to ship out to the contestant is another estimated $6.80 due to increasing prices of Flat Rate shipping since 2015.

- If you are interested in participating and do not live in the US, you can still participate, but you will have to pay the shipping difference. If an overseas contestant wins a prize, the difference in shipping will need to be covered by the contestant (Ith will cover up to 6.80 for all prizes' shipping). Contact Ith via email to discuss.

- If the number of people causes overall shipping to drop below the cost of 16.00 per lock, the difference will be returned, while Ith will cover any overages since it would have been caused by his poor maths. 

Lock Specifications:
Lock:  64TI/50 KA B
Width:  2"
Depth:  9/16"
Height:  2 11/16"
Pins:  5
Lock Type:  Keyed Alike
Shackle Diameter:  3/4"
Shackle Inside Width:  1"
Shackle Inside Height:  15/16"
Shackle Material:  Hardened Steel
Weight:  0.30 lbs

Registration Process:
- Send PayPal Payment to Mr_Guy_Fawkes here.
- The PayPal Payment must be sent as a gift to avoid charges.
- Be sure to include your reddit username and shipping address in the PayPal payment notes.
- Shipping notifications, etc, will be sent to the email account the PayPal payment was made from. If you wish to receive contest communications at a different address, include that email address with your shipping address.
- Check the Registered Contestants page to verify registration (can take up to 24 hours).

Registered Contestants

A special shout out to Ken and everyone at Peterson for the awesome prizes that will given to the winners of our community contest!!

* There is a 100 contestant limit due the maunal process of this contest as well as the limited staff. Hopefully everyone that is interested in participating is able to get registered. But, in case of the estimated increase in interest, we ask for the listed limit so we are able to run as smooth and as successful as possible.

A special thanks can go out to /u/Mr_Guy_Fawkes' girlfriend, Angela, for helping read over all of this and correct some of it. Ith and Fawkes can't be perfect all the time...