Welcome to NinjaCache!

Ninja Cache is a joint effort from Mr_Guy_Fawkes and Ith from the /r/lockpicking subreddit to bring together as many new and existing resources for the lockpicking community as we can. We feel it is only natural to include information on hacking and physical security as well.  We want to have a site with a lot of information but none of the fluff that other sites tend to have. We don't need a forum. We don't need a chat room here - those are all already out there. What we do want, is a site that we can all go to for inormation whithought having to dig through posts or do mundane searches.

We do not have much here yet, but we are adding to it as we can, and we need your help! The more information that is easily accessible, the better for all. We all have areas that we really shine in when it comes to our hobbies, so share that skill and/or knowledge!